A Message from our President

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A Message From The President

A Message from our President

Hi All,

WOW, what a season it has been so far and we are now nearing the end so that we can all have a break before we start to focus on the 2016 season.

I’d like to congratulate all the teams on their commitment this year to date and wish you all luck for those that have been successful in reaching the finals. Our U12’s are in a great position and I’m sure are very confident of doing very well in the finals, the U13’s have made a big improvement this year and are in the finals, and also have some very tough competition ahead but I’m sure will do well. Our U14’s and U15’s have had some massive challenges this season with numbers and injuries but have also done your club very proud. Our U17/18’s are in finals contention and also have some tough games ahead in the finals.

Our U8’s, U9’s, and U11’s have had some great moments that I have also seen throughout the season and we have in these teams some great young Rugby players to continue through the age groups.

Our Seniors have had a tough year with injuries which has in turn made it difficult for our Reserve Grade, but our A Grade have yesterday defeated Noosa in a Grand Final qualifier which now gives us the right to host the Senior Grand Finals at USC.

This is going to involve a massive amount of work for the committee and our Seniors in preparation for the event, and also on the day which will be Saturday 5th, September. We will be asking for as many volunteers as possible to help with the day and showcase our great club to the the rest of the Rugby community on the Coast. Our intention is to involve all Junior players as much as possible to make them all a part of this great event for our club.

Please, if you do not currently have plans on that day, can you come down to Uni and lend a hand because we will need it. I guarantee to you all that you will enjoy the day, and your kids will have a fantastic time being a part of the day with the Seniors.

Best of luck with your remaining games, and we hope to see plenty of Uni supporters at the Junior Semi Finals, and Senior Grand Final.



Please contact me if you can help out on Grand Final Day – 0466 779 514


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